Locally, Fresh, and Pesticide-Free Produce Since 2005

15 years of using organic practices in how we grow and harvest our vegetables, herbs, and other produce.


What We Do

We produce seasonal vegetable, herbs, flowers, and other produce that bring health and wellness to our customers. We pride ourselves in our cultural backgrounds to specialize in Mexican produce.

We mainly produce and harvest vegetables and other produce that we bring to our local community farmers markets. It’s a very direct-to-consumer funnel for our produce to flow in.

We’re a family-owned farm business that care about customers and strive to make sure we do our best to bring the freshest produce to our local farmers markets.


Our Farm

Our Story

Since we started our family venture we’ve realized how important it is to have access to local and fresh produce. Our customers have educated themselves with what each vegetable, herb, and plant can provide for them. People have been catching on and will continue to catch on to the benefits of eating local greens. We’re doing our best to educate our customers while also educating ourselves on how to grow and prepare our produce.

  • Fresh
  • Local
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Healthy